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  Catbox cabinet for the Littermaid ELITE LM9000 Series-made to order
Only $379.00
On SALE for only $299.00
Littermaid Elite LM9000 series (Litter Machine not included)
  The Catbox™ for the "MEGA Littermaid Litterbox" (THIS IS NOT THE ELITE LITTERMAID MODEL)
Only $299.00
On SALE for only $229.00
Mega Littermaid
  Maple, Extra Dark Cherry Finished
Only $239.00

  Dark Oak
Only $239.00

  Southwest Whitewash - Pine
Only $229.00

  Satin Finish - Pine
Only $229.00

  Catbox for the ScoopFree Automatic Litter Box.
Only $329.00
On SALE for only $289.00
Only $249.00

  Finished Walnut
Only $259.00
Stately elegance!
  Whitewash Finish - Maple
Only $239.00

  Giant Litter Pan
Only $13.00
Plenty of room to dig around in! A $13.95 value!
  Mahogany Finish - Maple
Only $239.00

  Walnut Finish - Maple
Only $239.00

  Satin Finish - Maple
Only $239.00

  Unfinished/ Natural - Maple
Only $220.00

  Antique Oak
Only $239.00

  Maple, Dark Cherry
Only $239.00



Mahogany Finish - Maple


Our newest finish brings the Maple cabinet's natural beauty to life with a Mahogany / Rosewood hardwood look that is spectacular! The cabinet shown in this photo has an "extra wide" 10" X 10" entrance for the bigger members of our feline families, but it also comes in the regular 8"x10" size entrance. Just specify in the comments box, when you order what size opening you would like. Interior Water Sealer is included!!! Click Here To View A Larger Image

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