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  Catbox cabinet for the Littermaid ELITE LM9000 Series-made to order
Only $379.00
On SALE for only $299.00
Littermaid Elite LM9000 series (Litter Machine not included)
  The Catbox™ for the "MEGA Littermaid Litterbox" (THIS IS NOT THE ELITE LITTERMAID MODEL)
Only $299.00
On SALE for only $229.00
Mega Littermaid
  Maple, Extra Dark Cherry Finished
Only $239.00

  Dark Oak
Only $239.00

  Southwest Whitewash - Pine
Only $229.00

  Satin Finish - Pine
Only $229.00

  Catbox for the ScoopFree Automatic Litter Box.
Only $329.00
On SALE for only $289.00
Only $249.00

  Finished Walnut
Only $259.00
Stately elegance!
  Whitewash Finish - Maple
Only $239.00

  Giant Litter Pan
Only $13.00
Plenty of room to dig around in! A $13.95 value!
  Mahogany Finish - Maple
Only $239.00

  Walnut Finish - Maple
Only $239.00

  Satin Finish - Maple
Only $239.00

  Unfinished/ Natural - Maple
Only $220.00

  Antique Oak
Only $239.00

  Maple, Dark Cherry
Only $239.00



"Electric" - Maple, Satin Finish - top entrance (side entrance and other colors available. Specify at checkout point No. 3)

Littermaid - basic electric model

Littermaid basic
$259.00 Reg.
$229.00 SALE

This model IS FOR THE "ELECTRIC" LITTERMAID LM500, LM600 AND LITTERMAID PLUS LM700 SERIES. It is naturally attractive and comes with Teflon glides and water seal treatment already included - the satin finish brings out the best in the beautiful hardwood Maple! Snap it up now at a sizeable discount! DOES NOT INCLUDE THE "LITTERMAID" LITTER MACHINE SHOWN IN THE PICTURE. When ordering specify the entrance and color of your choice at point No. 3 after checkout.

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$259.00 Reg.
$229.00 SALE


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