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  Catbox cabinet for the Littermaid ELITE LM9000 Series-made to order
Only $379.00
On SALE for only $299.00
Littermaid Elite LM9000 series (Litter Machine not included)
  The Catbox™ for the "MEGA Littermaid Litterbox" (THIS IS NOT THE ELITE LITTERMAID MODEL)
Only $299.00
On SALE for only $229.00
Mega Littermaid
  Maple, Extra Dark Cherry Finished
Only $239.00

  Dark Oak
Only $239.00

  Southwest Whitewash - Pine
Only $229.00

  Satin Finish - Pine
Only $229.00

  Catbox for the ScoopFree Automatic Litter Box.
Only $329.00
On SALE for only $289.00
Only $249.00

  Finished Walnut
Only $259.00
Stately elegance!
  Whitewash Finish - Maple
Only $239.00

  Giant Litter Pan
Only $13.00
Plenty of room to dig around in! A $13.95 value!
  Mahogany Finish - Maple
Only $239.00

  Walnut Finish - Maple
Only $239.00

  Satin Finish - Maple
Only $239.00

  Unfinished/ Natural - Maple
Only $220.00

  Antique Oak
Only $239.00

  Maple, Dark Cherry
Only $239.00





Why do you think we call this cabinet the "Cozy Cat/Doggie House?" The truth is cats and small dogs like to lounge around and sleep... yet they also like to keep an eye on things. The Cozy Cat/Doggie House cabinet is a beautiful space, in which your favorite feline or small dog will bask and snooze, which provides an elegant match to your Catbox cabinet. A thick, soft and completely machine-washable "Quiet Time" pet bed is included with every Cozy Cat/Doggie House cabinet and is specifically designed to provide your kitty/doggie with a bed they will immediately snuggle into. Everyone will be impressed by the beauty and elegance of a matching set of fine cabinets dedicated to making you and your pets' lives easier with class. Here we see our cat, "Aurora," lounging in her Maple Cozy Cat/Doggie House with the walnut finish. You can see her matching Catbox on the far side of the Piano. The Cozy Cat/Doggie House can be ordered separately or made to match any Catbox... but it is always best to order the set together since slight, natural variations in tint could occur otherwise. We CAN also make any model Cozy Cat/Doggie House with a side entrance. Simply state "right" or "left" entrance in the "Which side entrance?" comment box on the on-line order form. We will be happy to accommodate your request at no extra charge. Click Here To View A Large Photo of The Cozy Cat/Doggie House

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